WRX Extension - Titanium - Straight - Thick


This part is a customizable shift lever extension piece, specifically designed to fit onto any Subaru 5-speed manual shift lever. The extension screws right onto the shift lever, and a shift knob screws right onto the top of the extension.


EXTENSION OPTIONS: (See generic examples below)

    • Choose from Aluminum or Stainless Steel construction
      • Aluminum is lighter and a bright silver color
      • Stainless Steel is stronger & heavier, and a darker grayish/silver color
      • A Stainless Steel Extension is REQUIRED when choosing a Stainless Steel shift knob to provide extra strength

    • Choose a brushed finish, or a black gloss painted finish for either material choice

  • Choose the height of the extension. I have options that range between 2-4 inches of extension. If you want anything taller, Email me and I can make it a cutom height. If you want anything shorter, it is not possible with an extension piece. Instead, I can customize a knob to be taller than normal to reach your desired operating height.
  • OPTIONAL: Shift knob alignment tool. Order this tool if you are using a shift knob that has an engraving or gear pattern like the stock STi knob. Otherwise it might be crooked when you install it on the extension.


Browse the STi Shift Knob menu and purchase any shift knob listed there to go with this extension.

I will automatically make the knob without the boot lip on the bottom so it fits together clean with the extension as shown in the pictures. The extension will have the boot lip on the bottom for a clean installation.

  • All sphere knobs will be made without a collar (picture shows a custom design)
  • Piston knobs in any material will be made in their normal shape
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