Viper HVAC Climate Control Dial Set


This product only fits:

  • 2003-2010 Dodge Viper  (make sure your dash is the same as the sample photo in the gallery)

The Viper Climate Control Dial Covers are a SET OF 3, designed to enhance the visual effects on the interior of your car. The dial can be cut from either 6061 Aluminum, 303 Stainless Steel, Grade 2 Titanium or colored Copolymer. Installation is simple, just install the part over the stock dial using the included foam tape. These parts are not stocked, I make each one from scratch when you order it (same with all my shifter parts). 


  • Solid metal or copolymer construction
  • Variety of material and finish choices
  • Easy installation, professional appearance
  • A small indicator dot will appear on each dial. Set the dials fully counterclockwise during install and line up the indicator dot with the lowest dial setting on the car.  (Indicator dots don't appear in the product photos)
With the colored titanium part, there may be a variation in the exact shades of colors on the surfaces. In general, with the Titanium Blue/Bronze finish the sides will appear golden, and the front flat face will appear light blue, dark blue, and purple in varying degrees and hues.
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