Titanium Wedding Ring


This ring is cut by hand, by me, from solid Grade-2 Titanium. This ring is not mass-produced. I make it after you order it, exactly to your specifications. I can perform a huge number of customized features so if you want something that is not listed on the site, just email me. I offer several styles, textures, and finishes. I can also do custom requests.


Note: The ring will travel with you through your daily life. During this it will be bumped, knocked, scratched, hit on things, etc. The titanium material will hold up well and last a lifetime, but the finish on the ring will be damaged over time. Be aware that if you get a colored outer surface (bronze, purple, or blue) it may not look like new for a long time. The silver colors are the natural titanium shade so they will remain looking silver forever. Colors applied to the INSIDE of the ring will not be easily worn off. The inside of the ring does not suffer usage wear like the outside does. For this reason I offer the option to color only the inside of the ring and leave the outside silver.


This item will be made to your exact ring size to within +/-0.001 inch accuracy. It will be non-returnable and non-refundable. If you order the ring slightly too small, I will be able to put it back in my lathe and open up the hole size slightly and redo coloring for you. However, if you order the ring slightly too large, I will not be able to shrink it. The only option will be to make another ring, and I won't be able to do that for free since this material is so extremely expensive. I advise getting sized by a jeweler before ordering (and not using one of those cheap paper print-outs that lets you find your ring size from home)

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