Subaru EJ Alternator Shroud - TITANIUM - ARC Tribute


After the legendary Abbey Road Company (ARC) in Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan discontinued production of this item for the Subaru market, the demand has increased but supply has not. Currently ARC is not making any other titanium products, they are focusing on aluminum parts only and have changed their name to "ARC Brazing" appropriately. I offered to purchase the design and/or license their name for use to re-create these, but they did not want to pursue this type of agreement. Instead, they suggested that I change the design a bit to make it unique, and not use their badging on the piece, which I agreed to do. For this reason I am creating a limited-quantity continuation production run to fill a demand in the market for this mythical piece of Subaru history. I am also increasing the customization potential for these parts as I'll be working on each one myself to make it unique and perfect.

Each shroud will be made to the same overall dimensions as the original piece, and each can come with a hand-cut laser-engraved plaque on the top left corner. This plaque will give credit to ARC as the designer and credit to WC as the manufacturer. I can also engrave your name or your car's name (or whatever) to this plaque to make it unique. The plaque will be colored to match the base shroud, so if you order a silver one, the badge will be silver. If you order a colored one, the badge will be colored the same.

And yes, I am still producing my own independent design for an Alternator shroud as well (you can see that piece in the Subaru page on my website). The main difference is that this version shows the alternator and my version covers it with a louvered frame.

Changes & Improvements to the design:

-The left side has a straight angled cut, not a curve 

-The center hood is slightly wider than the original

-There is no plate welded to the right side of the shroud

-The spacers are flared onto the shroud so they are not loose and won't get lost

-Hardware is stainless cap screws (not button head screws)

-Top left section is slightly smaller to give more room for the intake vacuum hoses (affects Foresters more than Imprezas)

-There are no holes for cable throttles since most recent cars have drive-by-wire and this looks cleaner





FITS ONLY Subaru EJ motors:

2002-2014 Subaru WRX with EJ205 & EJ255 motor   (doesn't fit the FA motor)

2004-Current Subaru STi with EJ257 motor

2003-2008 Subaru Forester with EJ255 motor  ***See note below


***Foresters requrie an extra L-bracket on the top right mounting bolt for the alternator to support this shroud. That's why the Forester option costs a bit more. I include a hand-made bracket.


This item is laser-cut from Titanium sheet Metal and bent to shape. The center hood is bent from a second piece of titanium and welded to the shroud.I can make it in brushed silver or torch it to change the colors to golden bronze, light or dark purple, or light or dark blue, or combinations of those colors. I color each one individually so I can make yours unique if you email me your preference. 

Photos below show the color options and the installed appearance. 

It comes with spacers fastened to the underside so it sits at the correct height above the belts (the original spacers were loose and would sometimes fall into the engine bay during installation/removal). Stainless steel screws and washers are included (I torch them to a matching color if you get a colored shroud. They are silver if the shroud is silver). It fastens to the stock shroud mounting points so no engine mods are needed, and it can be converted back to stock in a few minutes with an allen wrench.

If you have a special request, email me to order a custom one:

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