Subaru 6MT Extension - Double Bend


This lever extension is machined from solid 5/8" diameter 303 Stainless Steel. Threads are cut into the bottom and on the top to fit the Subaru M12x1.25 shift lever and shift knobs. The center of the extension has two slight bends to allow the driver to position the knob closer to the wheel, closer to the rear, or any other orientation. Adjustment is done with an internal jam screw (alignment tools are included). The extension sits above the reverse lockout ring so function is just like normal. Just reposition your hand around the ring instead of grabbing it from above the knob.

The height of this extension is 9-inches tall, moving the shift knob much closer to the steering wheel. This positioning is great for racing because your hand does not have to move far to shift. It also brings the knob into your periferal vision.

There are several available finishes including brushed stainless, flame-colored stainless, and black textured finish.

The stock STi shift knob fits onto this extension, but the alignment of the shift pattern is not guaranteed. Any one of my STi shift knobs will also fit directly onto the extension. Examples are shown in the pictures below. This setup fits any Subaru 6-speed shift lever (Stock, Cobb, Kartboy)


What you get:

  • The bent shifter extension
  • M12x1.25 jam nut to set the extension angle
  • OPTIONAL: Shift knob alignment tool. Order this tool if you are using a shift knob that has an engraving or gear pattern like the stock STi knob. Otherwise it might be crooked when you install it on the extension.
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