_Kartboy Impreza Rear Shifter Bushing


Kartboy Product Code: [KB-003-2Rear]

Information quoted from the experts at Turn In Concepts:

"What you are looking at is a replacement bushing for the rear stay of your shifter assembly.

This bushing will fit all Subaru 5 speed and 6 speed manual transmissions.

Here’s what it does: If you look at the stock rear bushing you’ll notice that it’s a soft, squishy, "icky" bit of rubber in a steel cage used for mounting to the back of the transmission tunnel. Over time that rubber will break down, and allows the back of the shifter stay to move more than it should. Heck, even new ones are just unacceptably soft. The Kartboy piece is made from a much stiffer urethane, meaning it won’t break down over time, and won’t flex nearly as much as the stock part. What this means is a more postive snap into gear, and no more of that vague feeling in the stick when it’s reached the end of the throw travel.

Here is a quick tip for the install: Look at the bushing - there is a top and a bottom. The thicker portion of the material goes to the bottom. Here’s another tip - start the passenger side bolt. Then put the driver’s side bolt in and then tighten both."


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