IS XE10 E-Brake Handle


This product only fits:

  • Lexus IS200 (First Gen XE10, 1998-2005)
  • Lexus IS300 (First Gen XE10, 1998-2005)


The Metal handles are all 1.0" diameter. The Copolymer handles are all 1.2" diameter because the plastic material is lighter and not as strong so I beef it up to make it heftier and strengthen the set screws at the base.

The E-Brake Handle is designed to enhance the visual effects on the interior of your car. The new handle can be cut from either 6061 Aluminum, 303 Stainless Steel, Grade 2 Titanium, Alloy 360 Brass or colored Copolymer. The handle replaces the stock handle. These parts are not stocked, I make each one from scratch when you order it (same with all my shifter parts). 


IMPORTANT:  you will need to get a custom leather or fabric boot made that extends furhter up the brake handle to cover the bottom edge of this handle. The original handle extends down furhter but I'm not able to replicate the bottom geometry in metal. 

(Many photos show the Subaru version, the IS version is shown in the first pic, but both designs are effectively similar)



INSTALLATION: First, unscrew the Ebrake Button. (You may need pliers as this part is glued on).

Then, remove the stock handle using a blow dryer (or heat gun) to soften up the glue holding the handle in place. Then use a strap wrench to twist it back and forth while pulling up to work it off the metal handle. Slide the new handle on (slot facing down) and position the screws so one is facing up and the others are on each side (no screws on the bottom because the metal arm is slotted on the bottom). Gently but firmly tighten the 3 screws (don't overdo it). Then slide the boot over the screws. Install e-brake button (I recommend getting a new matching one from me at the same time).



  • Direct slide-on installation. No glue needed.
  • Solid metal or copolymer construction
  • Variety of material and finish choices
  • Easy installation, professional appearance
  • Can be optioned with grooves and/or a knurled grip
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