Evo 6MT Titanium GF5


This shiftknob is cut on a lathe from solid Grade 2 Titanium (commercially pure). After the rough cutting, each knob is hand-sanded, polished, and given a brush finish by myself. This allows me to ensure a perfect finish on every knob. Titanium is an excellent material. It is 60% the weight of stainless steel, but almost as strong. It has a good intermediate weight, right between the aluminum knob and stainless steel knob of similar design.

The standard finish is brushed Titanium which has a silver color. The optional burnt finishes have a vibrant array of colors including blue, purple, and bronze. You can customize the finish in the option list below.



  • Solid Titanium material gives a solid feel to shifting
  • 1.5" diameter for comfortable size
  • 4-5" overall height
  • 300-450 gram weight for a good feel
  • Brushed finish looks awesome and holds up well to abuse
  • Internal threading provides a quick screw-on installation
  • Counter-bore under the knob allows it to sit low


KNOB OPTIONS: (See generic examples below)


  • Add a custom finish to the knob. (See the images below for color examples) The bead blasted finish is a satin appearance. The Burnt finishes appear as a vibrant colored finish on the knob.
  • Adjust height
  • NOTE: ONLY the 3" height can be engraved. The 4" and 5" options are too all to be engraved.
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