Civic Copper Sphere


This shiftknob is cut on a lathe from solid Copper Alloy 110. After the rough cutting, each knob is hand-sanded, polished, and given a brush finish by myself. This allows me to ensure a perfect finish on every knob. Copper is about equal in weight to stainless steel so both of these knobs are the heaviest available. This knob weighs a massive 450 grams, which is just over 1 pound! (Three times the weight of the aluminum sphere) This heavy weight provides the most solid shift feel available for your car. The orangey-metallic finish is a wonderful accent for your interior, and the smoothness and confidence from this knob will keep you smiling on every shift.

All copper knobs come with a brushed finish as shown below, and are also clear coated to prevent corrosion. Grip grooves can be added if you prefer.



  • Solid copper material gives solid feel to shifting
  • 2.0" diameter for comfortable size
  • 450 grams weight for a good feel
  • Brushed finish looks awesome and holds up well to abuse
  • Internal threading provides a quick screw-on installation
  • Knob is drilled deep to sit low on the shifter



  • Add grip grooves around the knob in any pattern or size


NOTE: This item cannot be engraved.

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