BRZ / FRS Reverse Ring


This part is replicated directly from the stock BRZ/FRS/FT86 6-speed part. The reverse ring can be cut from either Copolymer plastic, 6061 Aluminum, 303 Stainless Steel, Solid Brass or Grade 2 Titanium. This part helps to bring a more up-scale appeance to the interior, replacing the stock plastic reverse ring. It also replaces the horrible push-pin with a cap screw that fits through the eye-loop on the lockout cable so replacing it is extremely simple (no more whacking with a hammer). The screw and Allen key are included with this item.


  • Solid material construction
  • Identical sizing and positioning of critical geometry so it will function like the stock part
  • Hole sized to fit the cap screw, easy Allen key installation
  • Boot flare is slightly smaller than the stock size so you can easily pull the boot up and onto the piece (no need to remove the center console)



REVERSE RING OPTIONS: (See generic examples below)

  • Choose between copolymer plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass or titanium
  • Choose brushed, bead blasted, or one of several flame-finished color options
  • This item can be paired with a new Knob & E-Brake Button for the ultimate shifter setup


NOTE: This product is designed to work perfectly on the stock shifter. It should fit onto any aftermarket shifter that utilizes the stock reverse lockout ring.



0.093" (3/32") long pin to push out the roll pin

Allen key (provided)

Thick automotive grease (white lithium or similar)



1) Remove shift knob

2) Put shifter into 3rd gear (forward position)

3) Use a 0.093" (3/32) diameter long pin and a hammer to push the roll pin out of the lockout ring. LEAVE THE LONG PIN IN THE SHIFTER. This prevents the cable from retracting.

4) With the long pin still passing through the shifter assembly, shift into REVERSE  (this prevents the cable from retracting on Step 5).

5) Pull out the long pin, then slide the lockout ring off the car vertically.

6) Slide on the new lockout ring with the hole facing forward so you don't see it.

7) Gently guide the screw through the lockout ring so you can feel it pass through the cable eye loop (you cannot visually confirm this).

8) With the shifter still in Reverse and the screw installed, pull up on the lockout ring. You should hear a faint "click" under the car. This confirms the screw is pulling the lockout cable upward.

9) Ensure the screw it fastened down, don't overdo it, just finger-tight. Shift into Neutral. Install shift knob.

(If you accidentally let the cable retract before installing the new part, you can lift the car (safely!) and pull the cable hinge on the transmission to make it pop back up. Shift into R to keep it in the Up position)

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