WRX Extension - Single Bend


This lever extension is machined from solid 5/8" diameter 303 Stainless Steel. Threads are cut into the bottom and on the top to fit the Subaru M12x1.25 shift lever and shift knobs. The center of the extension has a slight bend to allow the driver to position the knob closer to the wheel, closer to the rear, or any other orientation. Adjustment is done with an included jam nut (you will need a wrench to set it in place). A washer is included that sits between the jam nut and extension. The washer allows the Subaru 5-speed shift boot to be pulled up and snapped over it. (Look at the pictures below to see a custom-made boot collar sitting betwen a hex nut and an extension. This custom collar is available for an extra charge. The washer comes standard.)

This lever extension can be ordered in several sizes. The dimension chosen for the height is the distance the knob will move upwards. The bend will always appear near the center of the extension.

There are several available finishes including brushed stainless, flame-colored stainless, and black textured finish.

Most WRX shift knobs do NOT fit onto this extension. You want to use a shift knob that has no boot collar on it, such as my STi shift knobs. Please view the STi shift knob page and purchase one of those to go with this part.

Also note, the factory gold-colored SPT short shift lever has very short threads on it. This means I have to include a different locking screw and different boot collar method. Stock, Cobb, and Kartboy levers are very similar. Please specify the lever currently on your Subaru.


What you get:

  • The bent shifter extension
  • 7/8" diameter washer to hold up shift boot OR Custom copolymer boot collar
  • M12x1.25 hex jam nut
  • OPTIONAL: Shift knob alignment tool. Order this tool if you are using a shift knob that has an engraving or gear pattern like the stock STi knob. Otherwise it might be crooked when you install it on the extension.
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