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PRODUCTION TIMING UPDATE:  Please only add the Rush option if you need it for a holiday gift this year! I work alone and I make everything from scratch. I've had a giant surge in work since mid-2020 and my production times have been longer than normal since then. I'm changing my methods to become more efficient and I make batches of similar parts each day instead of making a bunch of different items each day. This lets me create more items per year, but it extends the individual wait time for some items. Quality will still be top-notch, of course. The production options on my website are currently going to take a bit longer than normal. Add about 1 week of time to any given option until I catch up. I am still able to fit in special rush requests for birthday gifts, wedding rings, etc, just email me if you have a specific due date. 


CUSTOMIZED ORDERS:  If you don't see your vehicle or specific product listed, email me and ask for a quote. I can do custom work pretty easily since I make these parts by hand.







- Engineering, 3D-modeling, and drafting of new designs and ideas by me (over a decade of engineering experience)

- Customizable, hand-made automotive accessories: shift knobs, shifter extensions, interior accessories, engine accessories

- Customizable, hand-made Titanium rings & wedding bands

- Authorized Kartboy products distributor

- Authorized Turn In Concepts products distributor

- Authorized Amsoil products distributor

- Precision machine work, prototype work, low/medium production work

- Laser engraving work, on a variety of materials including metals, wood, leather, and plastics (no PVC or acrylic)






My name is Christopher Mattessich. I am the founder and owner of WC Lathe Werks. I am the only employee.

I learned the dying art of manual machine work from my grandfather Werner, a master tool maker beginning in 2006. Over the years, I combined knowledge of metal work with a passion for automobiles and have created a large variety of unique parts for my customers. Ever since, I have been designing, creating, testing, and improving my product line to cover many automobiles. My latest project is the creation of a wedding band and ring lineup and a spinning top idea (like the top in the movie inception).

The difference with a WC Lathe Werks product can be seen in the quality and the customization. Unlike other manufacturers of similar products, I do not simply mass-produce one item or a set of items. I also do not pay someone to create these items for me to sell (the exception being some complex sheet metal items which are laser-cut). Instead, I offer you wide range of items which you can customize in many ways. I then create that specific item, exactly as you want it. Akin to having a suit tailored to fit you, it becomes "Yours".

 ~Chris Mattessich



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