Velvet Protector Pouch


This product is a black velvet bag with drawstring. It can be placed over a shift knob for several reasons.

  1. Protect your hand from hot or cold metal when the car is at extreme temperatures.
  2. Protect the shift knob from damage if you are working on the car.
  3. Protect the shift knob from sun exposure.

This bag will fit over any WC Lathe Werks shift knob. It is recommended for any of the solid metal knobs, but it's not needed for Hybrid, Elite, or Copolymer knobs because the polymer material is thermally comfortable all year long.


First class shipping (US Postal Service) is included with this price. If you order a metal shift knob, the option to add this Velvet protector to your order is listed at only $3 because the knob and protector are shipped together so you save on shipping. This item is listed for individual sale.

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