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Around December 2019, I have been receiving information from customers telling me that they're being charged an extra fee from the customs service to import items. For the past decade this has not been the case, but it seems that Canada is now strongly enforing their import fees upon their citizens. (Example: one customer was charged $26 CAD to get a shift knob valued at $110 through customs).

While all of my products are made in the USA and are sent with a NAFTA Certificate of Origin, this only avoids the import tariff, but the items are still subject to the Canadian Goods & Services Tax (GST) and local provicial taxes which could equate to 5-15% extra cost of the declared item value for you to import. I cannot falsely claim a lower value on the customs forms under penalty of law. 


I use to send items through the US Postal Service, and this month they have introduced a way for me to pre-pay your duties & taxes ahead of time, resulting in no extra charge to the importer. This greatly speeds up the process for everyone involved and also offers a lower total cost for the importation. I will be able to pre-pay your import fees this way, which will avoid you getting a notice on your door with a charge of extra money owed to the customs department.

As a US-based company, I am not obligated to pay taxes to the Canadian government, so I cannot offer to pay these fees on your behalf, but I can offer to pre-pay your import duties when you purchase this item from my website for $7 USD.

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