Subaru Titanium Fender Badge: 2015+ WRX STi (pair)


This item is a hand-cut piece of 1.1"x7" Rectangular Titanium Sheet. I round the corners and edges so it's not sharp and hand-bend it to fit the fender profile. I can leave it silver or torch it. I can engrave pretty much anything on it. If you want a custom image, choose the option for "Custom Engraving", then email me a JPEG of the image you want.


These come with 3M VHB adhesive on the back so you can install it in the stock location using the same type of adhesive as the stock badges. These are made from pure titanium so they are corrosion-resistant. They should only be cleaned using Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcholol) or acetone (nail polish remover) on a soft clean rag/paper towel. They should not be cleaned with claybar EVER (it will remove the finish), and should be dried with care during a carwash so the cloth does not catch on the corner and attempt to peel them off (the adhesive is as strong as the factory glue, but still, be careful when drying around them).



To install the fender badges, it's extremely critical to clean the badge area with acetone or alcohol to remove all residue, old adhesive, and grime. You'll want to wear latex or nitrile gloves during this to prevent putting finger oils on the adhesive (it'll loose its effectiveness). You need the adhesive pristine when you press it onto the car. Also, you may pre-heat the adhesive with a hair dryer right before pressing it onto the car. This will increase the adhesive bond.

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