Wooden STi Hybrid Piston

This design is unlike any other knob. It is a hybrid of two great materials to achieve the benefits of both with the drawbacks of neither. The top half of the knob is solid wood which is wonderful for resisting heat and cold so it NEVER hurts your hand at any temperature. The bottom half of the knob is made from solid stainless steel which is extremely heavy and looks amazing.
The combination of these two materials yields a knob that can be held in any temperature, but also has a heavy weight for solid shift feedback. I use a hybrid piston knob on my STi and love how it works. Plus, it looks very nice and compliments the interior.
  • Solid hand-carved wood top with 3 grooves provides comfortable grip
  • Solid stainless steel bottom provides weight
  • Steel bottom can be flame-colored as an option
  • 1.5" diameter, 3" tall for a comfortable grip
  • 200 grams weight for a solid feel
  • Brushed finish bottom looks nice and holds up well to abuse
  • Internal threading provides a quick screw-on installation
  • Recess in the bottom allows knob to sit low and clears reverse ring
  • The best of the best, this knob is reserved only for the elite few

  • Burnt Finish flame coloring to the bottom steel section in a variety of colors
  • Add 3 grooves around the top of the wood section
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