Miata (1989-15) Stainless Steel Teardrop


This shiftknob is cut on a lathe from solid 303 Stainless Steel. After the rough cutting, each knob is hand-sanded, polished, and given a brushed finish by myself. This allows me to ensure a perfect finish on every knob. The steel is BY FAR the heaviest material used for any knob. This knob weighs a massive 680 grams!  This heavy weight provides the most solid shift feel available for your car. The finish is a wonderful accent for your interior, and the smoothness and confidence from this knob will keep you smiling on every shift.

Any stainless steel knob comes with a brushed finish as shown below. An optional burnt finish can be performed for an additional cost. The burnt finish is done using a torch to heat the metal to the desired temperature. A variety of finishes can be done this way and are listed below.



  • Solid Stainless Steel material gives AMAZING solid feel to shifting
  • 2.0" diameter for comfortable size
  • 680 grams weight for a good feel
  • Brushed finish looks up-scale and holds up well to abuse
  • Internal threading provides a quick screw-on installation
  • Knob is drilled precisely to sit as low as possible on the shifter

KNOB OPTIONS: (See generic examples below)

  • Add a thumb depression on top of the knob for vertical hand positioning (DO NOT combine with engraving option)
  • Add a Laser Engraving on the top of the shift knob
    • Add a shift pattern engraving
    • Add a custom engraving. EMAIL me to add this option and provide the design
    • The custom designs must be 2-colored, and supplied by the buyer. The laser will remove material where the picture is black, and leave material where the picture is white. Custom designs can be done by me, but additional charges may be added for the time I spend designing
  • Add Burnt Finish flame coloring to the knob (See the image below for color examples)
    • These finishes appear as a tint in sunlight and have certain degrees of variation when performed.
      • Option 1: Burnt Blue/Bronze Finish
      • Option 2: Burnt All Blue Finish
      • Option 3: Burnt Gunmetal Finish
      • Option 4: Burnt All Bronze Finish
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