Forester SG9 HVAC Dials


Hi everyone,

This is a brand new product. It is ONLY compaitible with the vehicles listed below. These are hand-made by me, from whatever material you choose. These dials come as a set of THREE for the HVAC controls. They will all be made to match the material and color that you select below. Each dial has 2 grooves on it. Each dial has an indicator hole for the light to shine through.

The dials do not require ANY modification to your car. They are designed to slide over the existing climate control dials. There are several tiny strips of adhesvie tape on the inside of each dial. Just peel off the adhesive backing and slide them onto the car's dial. The adhesive will hold the dial in place. If you ever need to remove it, just pull it off (it will take some force).

PRODUCTION TIME: Approx 14 days to complete



2006-2008 Subaru Forester with dials shown in 2nd pic below

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