EvoX SST Reverse Ring


This part is replicated directly from the stock Evo X SST transmission. The reverse ring can be cut from either 6061 Aluminum, 360 Brass, 303 Stainless Steel, or Grade 2 Titanium. This part helps to bring a more up-scale appeance to the interior, replacing the stock plastic reverse ring.


  • Solid metal construction
  • Identical sizing and positioning of critical geometry so it will function like the stock part
  • Easy to install or remove to go back to stock (non-permanent)


REVERSE RING OPTIONS: (See generic examples below)

  • Choose between aluminum, brass, stainless steel, or titanium
  • Choose brushed, bead blasted, or one of several flame-finished color options
  • This item can be paired with a new shift knob, Ebrake Button, and HVAC dials to match


*This Reverse Ring ONLY works on the Evo X SST automatic shifter. If you're using an added accessory like the ColtSpeed shifter extension, inform me of that before I make it. (send an email)



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