Celica Titanium Teardrop


This shiftknob is cut on a lathe from solid Grade 2 Titanium. After the rough cutting, each knob is hand-sanded, polished, and given a brush finish by myself. This allows me to ensure a perfect finish on every knob. Titanium is an excellent material. It is 60% the weight of stainless steel, but almost as strong. It has a good intermediate weight, right between the aluminum and stainless steel knobs of similar shape.

The standard finish is brushed Titanium which has a silver color. The optional burnt finishes have a vibrant array of colors including blue, purple, and bronze. You can customize the finish in the option list below.



  • Solid Titanium material gives a solid feel to shifting
  • 2.0" diameter for comfortable size
  • 3.0" overall height
  • 400 gram weight for a good feel
  • Brushed finish looks awesome and holds up well to abuse
  • Internal threading provides a quick screw-on installation


KNOB OPTIONS: (See generic examples below)

  • Add a custom finish to the knob. (See the images below for color examples) The bead blasted finish is a satin appearance. The Burnt finishes appear as a vibrant colored finish on the knob.
  • Add grip grooves around the knob in any pattern or size. Add them around the top as shown in the pic, around the entire knob, or maybe just a few. Email me to customize further.
  • Add a Laser Engraving on the top of the shift knob. Engravings on brushed finish appears grayish. Engravings on burnt finish appears light silver. Engravings on bead blasted finish appear dark grayish/black. (Example pics below show different types of engravings on sphere knobs. They would appear the same on the teardrop.)
    • Add a shift pattern engraving
    • Add a custom engraving. EMAIL me to add this option and provide the design
    • The custom designs must be 2-colored, and supplied by the buyer. The laser will remove material where the picture is black, and leave material where the picture is white. Custom designs can be done by me, but additional charges may be added for the time I spend designing
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