Subaru FA Alternator Shroud - TITANIUM


This is a Titanium engine shroud designed to attach to the Subaru FA20 Turbo motor found in 2015+ WRX cars. This may not fit the BRZ/FRS and will not fit EJ motors. It installs using the original mounting points on the lower left and upper right of the engine once you remove the rubber grommet bracket that holds the plastic cover. 


  • Shroud is cut from 1/16" (0.063" thick) pure Titanium sheet, this is thicker metal than competitors use.
  • Stainless screws and washers are included. (Screws will be bronze if you get a colored shroud, or silver with a silver shroud)
  • The spacers are fastened to the shroud so they won't fall into the engine bay.
  • Badges are hand-made and can be custom engraved. They are installed with copper rivets.



2015 Subaru WRX with FA20


If you have a special request, email me to order a custom one:

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