Porsche 911 RL-Style Copolymer Sphere


This part is unlike any other knob. It is a hybrid of two great materials to achieve the benefits of both with the drawbacks of neither. The top half of the knob is acetal copolymer which is wonderful for resisting heat and cold so it NEVER hurts your hand at any temperature. The bottom half of the knob is made from solid stainless steel which is extremely heavy and looks amazing. The combination of these two materials yields a knob that can be held in any temperature, but also has a heavy weight for solid shift feedback. Plus, it looks very nice and compliments the black and silver trim in the car.

The shift knob installs onto all Porsche cars with the flat-bar shifter (this does not work on threaded shifters, but I can make a custom one if you need me to). There are 4 set screws on this shift knob that fasten from the left & right onto the bar. Two screws go below the boot, and two screws are hidden under the shift knob.



  • Copolymer top provides a comfortable place to grip all year long
  • Copolymer can be chosen in many colors
  • Solid stainless steel bottom provides weight
  • 2.0" diameter Sphere with approx 6.5" tall overall
  • Weight is approx 280 grams
  • Brushed finish bottom looks great and holds up well to abuse
  • Internal threading provides a quick screw-on installation
  • The best of the best, this knob is reserved only for the elite few

KNOB OPTIONS: (See generic examples below)

  • Select Copolymer material color
  • Select knob diameter in the range of 2.0-2.25"
  • Add grip grooves around the knob in any pattern or siz
  • Add a Laser Engraving on the top of the shift knob
    • Add a shift pattern engraving
    • Add a custom engraving. EMAIL me to add this option and provide the design
    • The custom designs must be 2-colored, and supplied by the buyer. The laser will remove material where the picture is black, and leave material where the picture is white. Custom designs can be done by me, but additional charges may be added for the time I spend designing
  • Add a Burnt Finish flame coloring to the steel bottom section
    • Option 1: Burnt Blue/Bronze Finish
    • Option 2: Burnt All Blue Finish
    • Option 3: Burnt Gunmetal Finish
    • Option 4: Burnt All Bronze Finish
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