Cobra Wood Sphere Knob


This shift knob is made from Mystery Wood. Yes, it's actually a mystery. My brother obtained some samples of wood from a guy who was retiring and he didn't know what species it was, so it's a Mystery.

However, the wood matches the vintage-style steering wheel very closely (at least it does on my Factory Five Roadster).

There are many other styles of wood available if you want other shades. You can choose from Cherry, Oak, White Ash, Padauk, Purple Heart, Ebony, Mahogany, and several others. Email me if you would like to get custom wood for yours.


This shift knob is a small 1.63" diameter sphere made to perfectly match with the vintage-style bent shifter. It actually re-uses the original chrome base ring, so this only includes the wooden portion to replace the original black plastic sphere. The knob is threaded with a 1/2"-20 thread so make sure your shifter is the same. Otherwise, specify a custom thread and I'll make it specifiaclly for you. The knob also includes a brass thread insert so it will be durable and last for decades without the risk of cross-threading or wearing out.



-Solid wood with brass thread insert

-1/2"-20 internal thread

-1.63" diameter with flat bottom to blend with OEM chrome base ring

NOTE:  I can make either a full wooden sphere, or I can make a half-sphere that mates to the chrome metal disc that comes standard on the vintage-style shifters. They would be the same price. Customer can specify upon order.

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